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The Fick & Sons Propane division home office is located at 113 Fig St., Grayling, Michigan. In addition to Grayling, the company also has offices in Houghton Lake, Lincoln, and West Branch, and primarily serve residential customers in a 25 mile radius of each of these four areas.

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Grayling Office:               113 Fig St  P.O. Box 588   Grayling, MI  49738       800-292-9295     989-348-7647

Houghton Lake Office:   7006 W Houghton Lake Dr.    Houghton Lake, MI  48629      989-422-6647

West Branch Office:        3259 W M-55   West Branch, MI  48661   800-481-7551     989-345-7551
Lincoln Office:                    921 N Barlow Rd   Lincoln, MI  48742     877-207-1099     989-736-7777


All of our propane customers have the opportunity to enjoy the following services:
-Automated delivery service
-Budget programs **we pay interest!
-Guaranteed Price Clubs
-Attractive Beige colored tanks
-24 hour responsive, dependable service
-Gas Check system for your safety
-RV and Cylinder re-filling stations
-Heating and Cooking appliances

If you are in need of Propane for your home or business, we at Fick & Sons would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.